The Center worked to create change by building collaborative solutions and reinforcing community assets  informed by people and research. 

As a connector of people, ideas and resources, The Center enabled key community stakeholders such as government agencies, private or corporate foundations, and nonprofits, to better target, design and align their efforts to address the city’s most pressing needs.

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Our goal is to alleviate poverty and fuel a cycle of opportunity in our city and beyond.   To achieve this, we do four things:

Assess community needs and assets

  • (click here to read about our 2009 and 2012 Needs Assessments and Community Youth Mapping initiatives)

Build solutions through research and innovation 

  • (click here to learn more about our 2013 “What Works” Summit on Community-Police Trust)

Connect ideas, people and resources to implement these solutions

  • (click here to learn more about our Companies 2 Kids initiative and Newark’s Strong Health Communities Initiative)

Develop opportunities for civic participation

  • (click here to learn more about the Newark Master Plan and Newark Community Solutions)