2012-13 Community Needs Assessment




The Center for Collaborative Change is proud to present the final results from our 2012-13 Newark Community Needs Assessment. The Needs Assessment is a combination of primary and secondary research including two surveys and a series of practitioner interviews conducted by the Center over the course of 18 months.

The Physical Wellbeing Section has two subsections: one on Crime and Public Safety, and the other on Health. The Economic Wellbeing Section has three subsections: Housing and Healthy Neighborhoods, Economy, and Education. The Civic Wellbeing Section has two subsections: Civic Culture and Civic Ecosystem. Each subsection begins with a definition of wellbeing for that chapter followed by a summary of findings, a graphic depiction of publicly available data, then original data (collected from residents and practitioners throughout the city) and finally some written analysis. Some subsections group the data into additional sub-areas. The introduction and methodology section found at the beginning explains our methods, controls and the limitations of this study.


Physical Wellbeing

Economic Wellbeing

Civic Wellbeing


We’ve done our best to develop a document that citizens and professionals will both find engaging and useful. Here is an example of one of the pages of the General Findings section:






The Center believes that Newark must invest in solutions to the issues that people care most about and that have the greatest promise of interrupting a cycle of poverty, violence and disinvestment that holds our city back.

The Collaborative Change model started with a comprehensive city-wide needs assessment every three years, synthesizing community-level data with stakeholder insights. The 2012 Community Needs Assessment is the Center’s second triennial city-wide Needs Assessment. The purpose is to highlight issues of top importance to residents and other community stakeholders, and through analysis of its findings, offer preliminary recommendations for collaborative change.

The Community Needs Assessment is intended to be used by residents, community advocates, and stakeholders in the public, business, and nonprofit sectors to that extent that it is useful in their efforts to end the cycle of poverty, violence, and disinvestment in Newark and to help Newark thrive.  It is our sincere hope that people will read it, share it, add to it, challenge it, and that it will generally contribute to an increasingly inclusive, data-driven, collaborative civic dialogue in the City of Newark and the development of collaborative solutions that will help to make Newark thrive.